The UK Singles Scene - 50 Ways to Meet a Partner!

New to the Singles Scene? This page gives you our quick run-down of your options and in our view, the advantages and disadvantages of each. And is our view well informed? We think it is, as before founding this company we personally experienced most of these options first-hand.

In The Paper?

Place an advert in one of the national newspapers and you will receive a full voice-mailbox of replies if your So - you want to be in a couple?advert is halfway reasonable. When you have discarded the third that do not appeal and the third that live so far away as to be impractical for a relationship, then you may be left with up to thirty interesting contacts. That sounds promising doesn’t it?
Well so far yes, but this is when the problem starts. You will commence a series of phone calls to your respondents, to try to narrow down the list, but the thing is: they are mostly doing the same thing, as each has responded to many singles ads. The result is a difficult task of arranging dates with people who are all trying to juggle others too. It’s also quite tricky trying to remember all about so many people simultaneously. You will finally get some dates arranged, but you'll find half of them get cancelled at the last moment, or worse still - you are “stood up”, because the other party had decided they prefer someone else on their list, or they have become bored with the whole process. When you eventually get to meet those who are willing you will need time and money to do so. Drinks, meals and travel to and from your dates are all certainly expensive. And to cap it all you may often find that you have nothing in common with your date, basically because you knew nothing about them. You also quickly realise that you are in competition with the rest of their list too. The whole problem is that this method thrusts upon you a large number of people in a short time most of whom may be totally unsuitable, as all they had to go on about you was 3 lines and a box number.
At the end of the whole process many people feel that they have invested a lot of time and money to get nowhere. Often people only meet a fraction of their supposedly suitable replies before giving up.

Dining Clubs

In a few words: Great for dinner, can give you a good social life, but often not a fast-track to a permanent relationship.  Choose one of the top Dining Clubs and you can have a lot of fun, at least at first, as you dine with a group of single people at top restaurants, hotels and other venues. They introduce you to other members and you sit next to people of the opposite sex without pressure or commitment. That's great so far. So what's the downside? Unfortunately many people report that dining clubs attract a selection of permanently single or unattached people who avoid commitment like the plague. So you'll certainly get a nice dinner, a date maybe, but a relationship is a much harder and less likely, because for so many people it’s not what they are really there for. Sometimes the regulars use such clubs as their whole social life and as a substitute for a relationship. Also, the format tends to attract an increasingly older clientele, so it can prove disappointing for younger singles.  But for some people it’s a great time.  We feel that such events are a good way to develop social life, and meet people, but the bridge from that into a relationship is often a hard one to cross.

Singles Holidays

In a few words: If you have a good crowd they can be great, but you are stuck for a week if you don't. Also beware habitual holiday-romantics.
Several companies operate singles holidays, with varying amount of emphasis on the single aspect. They can be very good and immensely enjoyable. If it’s an activity holiday, such as sailing or skiing, then the group can be bonded by their focus on the activity involved. The advantage of a holiday is that over a week or more you have time to begin a relationship with someone over a number of days doing enjoyable things. If it works for you then it’s great. But, two things can be a problem. Firstly, if no one appeals to you (or vice versa), then you are stuck with that situation for the duration of the trip. Secondly, there is the holiday-romance factor. Many romances spring up on such trips that just don't cut it back in the real world. Sad, but true!

Internet Dating

ting In a few words: An adventure where you may meet Miss Right or Prince Charming, or maybe a married person with 3 children they've omitted to mention. You just won't know.
The Internet is everywhere - Its cheap, free in many cases, and increasingly enters every sphere of our lives. So why not pay a few pounds and sign-on to chat and date with your new virtual buddies? Our advice is by all means do – it’s amusing, and different to anything you will have experienced. But beware - The Internet offers you total anonymity - you can be just who and what you want to be - and many people use this to disguise some less attractive aspects of their lives. In our review of such services users often report incidences of: -
- Married posing as single
- Extreme sexual preferences
- Professional "one-night-standers"
- Many people acting out a completely delusional existence online, which could not be farther from their reality?

So, it’s a wild ride. If you take it be aware of what you are getting into. It’s also true that many people do it "just for a laugh" or in an insincere or cynical way, so there are very mixed motives involved.

Phone Services

In a few words: A great way to make someone else rich, no way to find a relationship.
Cafes, bars and so on - all just an illusion. They are all just a computer that forwards messages to callers paying premium rates, designed to make your conversation as slow as possible to maximise the operator's revenue. Many employ women to boost the female contingent, and these women are instructed to be sexually provocative and keep the customers (mainly male) on the line. If you want a sexual fantasy they may do the trick - although the fact that the woman supposedly telling you her sexual secrets is probably nothing like her description and is actually watching TV in between messages to you and 10 others - may just cool you down!

What About “The Real World”?

In a few words: If you are fortunate enough to have a great social life full of single attractive people of the opposite sex then you will probably never be reading this page anyway. If you are over 30 and do not, the DIY route can be a problem.
Bars, clubs, cafes are all great places to socialise. But, are they so good to meet a stranger?
As woman, if you take a likeminded female friend out to certain venues, propositions will come your way - from all ages, types and backgrounds. If you are a veteran clubber, you'll probably like this, if not, well it is daunting - the "meat market syndrome".
As a man you have to have the confidence to ask total strangers to dance, talk or drink. Expect rejection - it will happen a lot!
The problem is that at 19 most people are single and available, at 29 many are not, at 39 plus very few are. The older you get, the harder it becomes.

Introduction Agencies

In a few words: Good because they are focused on helping you to meet someone, but you must understand what style your agency, how they operate, and what market they target.
There are quite a few agencies around now, but in our view, whatever their size and style of operation they have an advantage - they are focused. Everybody meeting through an agency knows why they are doing this - they want to meet a partner. Not all dates can possibly work out, but there is always the knowledge that you are at least meeting someone who says they want to find a partner, and are serious about it, having paid money to do so. Any reputable agency will also ask quite a lot of questions about their members, so you are less likely to meet a charlatan.
Agencies come in two basic formats. Firstly, free browsing by clients of profiles of the opposite sex, and secondly matching by the agency.  In our opinion the free-browsing approach abandons all confidentiality and also discourages many high quality potential members from joining.
Introduction agencies address different social groups and markets, and range from small local and inexpensive agencies who would take almost anyone, through mainstream professional agencies, through to exclusive agencies for the rich and famous. Fees typically range from £400 to £10,000 per annum.