So where do we fit in?

Where do we fit in the maze of options available to you as a single person? This page explains our rationale and the features we believe makes Affinity the best middle market introduction service.


  • We make the introductions
  This means that you receive people targeted to your requirements, not huge numbers of unsuitable people to waste your time.
  • Confidentiality
  No one browses through our membership, so there is no embarrassing instance of, for example, people at your own company seeing your details on file.
  • Follow-up
  We work together with you to improve our service over time. You give us feedback on your introductions and we'll look for the person you really want.
  • Flexible Technology
  We use Information Technology to best advantage; a comprehensive database of information on all our members, but a personal touch in talking to you.
  • Photography
  At your interview we take a quality digital photograph, OR we can provide a professional photo shoot in your home, complete with Studio Lighting.
  • Detailed Picture Profiles
  Our profiles are very detailed, more than you will find with our competition. They are full of relevant information about the person you will meet. And they contain a representative picture - so no "blind dates".
  • Thorough and friendly Interview
  To fully understand you, and exactly what you want in a partner.
  • Our advertising
  We advertise in a variety of media. Not only established places such as Sunday Times Encounters, but also high quality local publications, professional magazines, Internet Directories and glossy magazines. We are constantly changing our advertising to attract new people to meet our members.
  • Direct Mail Activities
  We rotate areas for direct mail offers, where we write to several thousand single people in one area to gain new membership in one locality. We buy databases of known single people to add to our mailing activities.

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